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ImageAbout This Case File: This file has gone through follow-up elicitation and both a Grammar Sketch (Adesola, 2005) and a very brief  anaphora sketch (Adesola and Safir, 2005) are available for it. There is a glitch in the static (.pdf) AQR: The tones on the 'i' are slightly misaligned. An additional glitch involves a character which displays as a square, although only twice in the whole AQR. The elicitation document employed is AQ 2.1, and so some of the additions introduced in AQ 2.2 were not elicited. The data has been entered into the Anaphora Database, although glossing is not up to our 2011 standard. At this writing, we do not anticipate revisions of the AQR or new database entries in the near future, although we may bring the database information up to 2011 glossing standards.

(Last updated February, 2012)

  • Anaphora Questionnaire Response [pdf]
  • Grammar Sketch [pdf]
  • Anaphora Sketch [pdf]

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Yoruba Case File Consultant

Oluseye Adesola received his Ph.D. from Rutgers University in 2005 and is an assistant professor (Lector) at the Yale University. His research interests include Yoruba Studies, Comparative Syntax, African Culture and Literature, African Linguistics, Syntactic Theory, Anaphora, Wh-movement Constructions and Focus Constructions. For more information about Oluseye Adesola, please see his website.