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Technical Report #13 and #14 Now Available

Afranaph Technical Reports

In addition to the case files on our site, where grammar sketches, anaphora sketches and other language specific essays and materials are to be found, it has always been our hope that our project would inspire theoretical and empirical work that makes use of the crosslinguistic data and analysis that our project has made available, and now we are ready to inaugurate our open-ended series of Technical Reports. These reports will occasionally be preliminary versions of essays that may eventually be revised for publication elsewhere (like Technical Report #1) and they will touch upon any topic relevant to empirical domains addressed by Afranaph or Afranaph sister projects.

Technical Report #1, Syntax, Binding and Patterns of Anaphora, version 1.0 (Ken Safir, 2011) [abstract]

Technical Report #2, Approaching Body Part Reflexives, by Eric Reuland and Dagmar Schadler (UiL OTS, Utrecht University)

Technical Report #3, Paradigms and Questionnaires: studying the verbal tone system of a Bantu language, by Michael Marlo (University of Missouri) [abstract]

Technical Report #4, One True Anaphor, by Ken Safir

Technical Report #5, Actual Clauses in Lubukusu, by Mark Baker, Ken Safir, and Justine Sikuku (Moi University)

Technical Report #6, Sources of (A)symmetry in Bantu Double Object Constructions, by Mark Baker, Ken Safir, and Justine Sikuku

Technical Report #7, Compex Anaphora in Lubukusu, by Ken Safir, Justine Sikuku and Mark Baker

Technical Report #8, On the Categories of Clausal Constituents in Lubukusu and Limits to their Selection, by Mark Baker, Ken Safir, and Justine Sikuku [abstract]

Technical Report #9, Implications of Xhosa expletive constructions, by Vicki Carstens and Loyiso Mlestshe [abstract]

Technical Report #10, Comparing Reflexive and Object marking in Lubukusu, by Justine Sikuku. [abstract]

Technical Report #11, Evidence based on a dynamic source: Database support for a theory of transitive reciprocals, by Ken Safir. [abstract]

 Technical Report #12, Linkers and Relators in Kinandeby Patricia Schneider­ÔÇÉZioga & Philip Ngessimo Mutaka[abstract]

Technical Report #13, Theory and Description: Understanding the Syntax of Eegimaa Verb Stem Morphology, by Mamadou Bassene and Ken Safir. [abstract], Also to appear in Jason Kandybowicz ed., Africa's Endangered Languages: Documentary and Theoretical Approaches. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Technical Report #14, Morphosyntax and Movement: Verb Stems in Joola Eegimaa, by Ken Safir and Mamadou Bassene. [abstract]Also to appear in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory.