The Chaha Case File

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Chaha Case File Consultant

Degif Petros Banksira is an Adjunt Professor in the department of linguistics
at University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), Canada. He received a Ph.D. from
UQAM in 1997. From January 1998 till March 2000, he was a post-doctoral
fellow in the department of linguistics and philosophy at Massachusetts
Institute of Technology (MIT).  He was an Assistant Professor of linguistics at
Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. He also taught various
linguistics courses as Part-time Faculty at Concordia University, UQAM, and
University of Ottawa. His research interests are phonology, morphology, and
their interfaces. He has published a book entitled Sound Mutation: The
Morphophonology of Chaha and numerous articles focussing mainly on sound
changes triggered by labialization, palatalization, and different types of fortition
such as liquid nasalization, devoicing, and despirantization. He is the native
speaker consultant on Chaha for the Afranaph project.


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 Peculiarities of Loanword Allocation to the Noun Class











Kinyarwanda Case File Consultantna

A Rwandan national, Dr Kayigema Lwaboshi Jacques grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He holds the first university degree, ‘Graduat’, in English and African Culture, and the second, ‘Licence’, in English from Bukavu Institute of Higher Education, DRC. Dr Kayigema Lwaboshi Jacques holds both an MA and DLitt et Phil (Doctor of Literature and Philosophy) in African Languages from the University of South Africa (UNISA). Dr Kayigema Lwaboshi Jacques has been teaching English Language and related subjects at secondary and tertiary levels since he graduated in 1982.

Currently he is working for the Adventist University of Central Africa as a lecturer in the Faculty of Education. He has held administrative positions in the same academic institution: Academic Registrar, Head of Department of English Language and Literature, and Dean of the Faculty of Education.

His special interest is sociolinguistics, with emphasis on language contact.  He writes articles on loanword allocation, teaching English as an official language, and English as a Global Language and publishes books in the same area.

Image About This Case File: The data entry on this language will start soon. We expect to upload the AQR  in the near future.

Bibliography of work on Makaa [pdf]

Image About This Case File: Data is currently being entered for the Situating the Subject in Bantu sister project. The QR posted here as well as the entered data will under undergo further elicitation and edits in the near future.

  • Situating the Subject in Bantu QR [pdf]

Image About This Case File: The data entry on this language will commence soon. We expect to post  the AQR in the near future as well.