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Ewondo Case File Consultant

Christophe Onambélé Manga is a Research Fellow in the CIRCSE Research Centre at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Paris 8. His research interests include Syntactic Theory, Computational Linguistics, Linguistic Resources developement, and Natural Language Processing tools.

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About This Case File: We are still following up on the AQR with the consultant and the AQR will be ready for posting in the future. The data entry on this language has begun with a portion of the data now entered.


  • Bibliography of work on Basaá [pdf]






Basaá Case File ConsultantPaul Roger Bassong

Paul Roger Bassong currently holds a Ph.D in Linguistics from the University
of Yaounde I. He is a holder of a B.A in English and French linguistics, a
'Maitrise' (postgraduate degree) and an M.A in Linguistics. His research interests
include information structure and the syntax-semantics interface, comparative
and descriptive linguistics, ellipisis in African languages as well as the
development of syntactic theory.


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Tiv Case File Consultant

Michael Terhemen Angitso is an African Linguist working on the Tiv(oid)
language(s). He is a native speaker of Tiv. He had his Primary School
education at Nativity private school, Makurdi, and his Secondary School
education at St. James Junior Seminary, Yandev, both in BenueState.
Michael had his undergraduate studies in Linguistics at Benue State
University, Makurdi and his Postgraduate Studies in Linguistics at
University of Ibadan, Ibadan. His areas of interest include Syntax,
Morphology and Applied Linguistics. 








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TigrinyaconsultanteditedTigrinya Case File Consultant                                                                                                       

Keffyalew Gebregziabher is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto, Department of Linguistics. He received his PhD from the University of Calgary; his dissertation is on the grammar of nominal possession in Tigrinya, in comparison to other Semitic languages, namely, Amharic and Hebrew. His research interests include investigating the relationship between alienable and inalienable possession, examining the role of inflectional and copular items, and exploring the structure of nominal phrases, complex predicates and the relationship between clausal and nominal possession in (Ethio-)Semitic languages, using Generative models. He is primarily a syntactician, but he is also interested in the interface between phonology and morphology and syntax and pragmatics.