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New Multi-portal Afranaph Database design now online

The new multi-portal database design, many years in the making, has finally replaced the African Anaphora Database that has been our sole database since 2008. The new design incorporates all the data of the previous database but now permits different projects to access and add to the common database available to all portals, while organizing the data in distinctive ways in portals customized to serve different research interests. For more information about the new design, see About the Afranaph Database and if you would like to try it out, you might like to consult A Guide to the Afranaph Database or just dive in by opening a portal of the Afranaph Database.  Thanks to the completion of the new design, a wealth of new data, long ready for entry into the database, will be entered over the 2015-2016 academic year. Now that the portal prototype is designed, new portals can be customized for new projects in a very short time. The same design will make it possible for Afranaph to offer new services (see Plans for the Future).