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ImageAbout This Case File: The AQR for this language remains incomplete, and although fragmentary follow-up work was begun, the data has not been updated since November, 2008. As a result, the data for this language in the Anaphora Database is fragmentary as well, with original text missing, the full range of examples not yet elicited, and further commentary to come, so it should be expected that some of the enhanced search properties may be revised when we get more information. Glossing is not up to our current glossing standards. Use this data with caution. The inclusion of this incomplete data in the Anaphora Database is experimental, insofar as we want to see if it is, or is not, prudent, to integrate partial data with more developed data sets.

(Last updated February, 2012)

  • Anaphora Questionnaire Response [pdf]

Lokaa Case File Consultant

Image Alex Iwara
is the case file consultant for this language. More information and photograph to follow shortly.