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ImageAbout This Case File: This file has gone through AQR follow-up and a Grammar Sketch (by Rose Letsholo) and an Anaphora Sketch (Letsholo and Safir, 2007) have been written for it. The elicitation document employed is AQ 2.1, but some of the additions introduced in AQ 2.2 were elicited anyway. The current AQR does not have tone marking and neither do the entries in the database. In 2017-2018 Ken Safir and Rose Letsholo investigated complementizer agreement in Ikalanga and hundreds of examples were entered based on their 2018 paper and the fieldwork behind it. Almost all of the examples resulting from this work has tone marking. Although many of the examples have been entered in the CC Portal and analytic entities are described there for Ikalanga, the CCQ has not been used for these elicitations.  Rose and Ken continue to explore issues in Ikalanga and new data will be entered as they do.

(Last updated August 2018)

  • Anaphora Questionnaire Response [pdf]
  • Grammar Sketch [pdf]
  • Anaphora Sketch [pdf]

Ikalanga Case File Consultant

ImageRose Letsholo is the case file consultant for this language. More information and photograph to follow shortly.