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In order to make our resources as broadly accessible and useful as possible, we have designed a database that makes it possible to search and manipulate our data in the service of language-internal or cross-linguistic analytic objectives. Besides simple searches for glosses or particular morphemes, search entities include language types, anaphoric marker types and sentence types and for many properties of all three sorts of entities. We have designed two search pages for the database, Simple Search and Enhanced Search. Simple Search can be mastered by total novices quite quickly on the basis of the brief description and tutorial below. Indeed, those who are of the sort to dive right in can probably figure out a lot of what they don’t know and come back to the tutorial if they are stumped. Enhanced Search is for those who have mastered Simple Search and are prepared to use the more specific custom features designed for isolating and combining the entity types for finer grained language-internal and crosslinguistic searches.

* For optimal viewing of the Afranaph Database, we recommend using Firefox as your browser.  Please click here to download Firefox.