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ImageAbout This Case File: The AQR for Gungbe has gone through follow-up elicitation, but no anaphora sketch is written for it yet. The data has been entered into the Anaphora Database. The ‘original text’ line is missing for almost all examples, and so each elicitation example has only a morpheme breakdown, the gloss and the translation (though Gungbe is an ‘isolating’ language, so the morpheme breakdown line is often close to what would appear on the original text line). A number of special orthographic forms need to be employed to adequately represent the language in an enhanced Latinate representation, and a guide to these will eventually be provided in the beginning of the static AQ response (the .pdf). The elicitation document employed is AQ 2.1, and so some of the additions introduced in AQ 2.2 were not elicited. At this writing, we expect aspects of the AQ response to be revised in the future, and thus further entries into the database may be anticipated.


  • Anaphora Questionnaire Response [pdf]


(Last updated, February, 2012)


Gungbe Case File Consultant

ImageEnboch Aboh is the case file consultant for this language. More information and photograph to follow shortly.