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About This Case File: The data entry on this language has started. We expect to update the AQR with responses to questions that arise in the process of data entry in the near future.

  • Anaphora Questionnaire Response [pdf ]
  • DP Positions in African Languages - version 3 [pdf]
  • Afranaph Questionnaire on Clausal Complementation [pdf
  • Questionnaire on Tense and Aspect in African Languages [pdf
  • Situating the Subject in Bantu [pdf]

(Last Updated November, 2012)





Fe'efe'e Case File Consultant

Image Djomeni Gabriel Delmon has a PhD in linguistics. From 2005-2007, he worked as a volunteer in the BASAL (Basic Standardization of all African Languages) programme under the supervision of the NACALCO Centre for Applied Linguistics, Yaounde. He has been teaching linguistics part-time in the Department of African Languages and Linguistics, University of Yaounde I, and Fe'efe'e in the Department of Cameroonian Languages and Cultures which is in the Higher Teachers Training College, Yaounde.

His current fields of interest include: language description, language revitalization, material design of under developed languages, sociolinguistics, language standardization and pedagogic grammar development. He has also authored teaching materials in Bembele.