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About This Case File: The TAQR for this file has been posted, research is in the follow-up stage, and data entry into the Tense and Aspect continues.
  • Tense and Aspect Questionnaire [pdf]
  • Bibligraphy of work on Esahie [pdf]


(Last updated February 2018)





Esahie Case File Consultant

Obed Nii Broohm is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Verona, Italy. His interest lies mainly in the morpho-syntax of Kwa languages, with special emphasis on Esahie (Sehwi). His MA thesis from the University of Ghana (2014) wason Information Structure in Esahie. His Ph.D. research titled “Issues in Esahie Nominal Morpho-Syntax: From Inflection to Word Formation" is dedicated to the exploration of the nominal domain of Esahie.