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Some of the most useful classifications of our data to be used for search and data manipulation are the properties that we attribute to the various entities that can be searched for, namely, languages, anaphoric markers, and sentences. This page provides definitions and procedures that guide our property attributions. It should be of particular use to those using the Enhanced Search options and to our own data enterers who generate the distinctions we rely on. While the Language and All Project sentence questions that are found in the Generic Portal are common to all the portals. The other portals we have at this time, the Anaphora Portal and the Clausal Complementation Portal, have additional entities to which properties are attributed. We have organized this page by portal type, where all the properties of each sort of entity specific to that portal are described (and used in data entry). We expect that there will be additional questions and property attributions over time, and occasionally, there will be slight adjustments in the existing property attributions, as long as data is not lost. Changes will be signaled by new version numbers for this page. This is version 1.3.

The Generic Portal

The Anaphora Portal

The Clausal Complementation Portal