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Nsenga people are basically subsistence farmers - they eat what they grow. When a visitor visits, usually an entire village sends them off upon their return (hence this group by the roadside).
About This Case File: This file includes a Grammar Sketch (Simango, 2005), an Anaphora Sketch (Safir and Simango, 2005) and the AQR is essentially complete and the data has been entered into the Anaphora Database. The static AQ response shows a small glitch: tones on the vowel 'i': the tone appear slightly displaced to the left. There is no ‘original text’ in the examples. The elicitation document employed is AQ 2.1, and so some of the additions introduced in AQ 2.2 were not elicited. We hope to provide original text lines for the examples currently reported, but we are not planning to revise the AQ response in any other way, that is, we do not expect to add any new data to the AQ response or the database in the near future.
  • Anaphora Questionnaire Response [pdf]
  • Grammar Sketch [pdf]
  • Anaphora Sketch [pdf]

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CiNsenga Case File Consultant

Silvester Ron Simango received his Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina in 1995 and is a Senior Lecturer at Rhodes University in South Africa. His research interests include Syntax of Complex Predicates, Causative Constructions, Bantu Morphology, Language Contact, and Language in Education.