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Although we realize that most of our consultants participate in our project out of curiosity about their own language, in order to bring attention to their language as the object of theoretical study, to participate in linguistic inquiry generally, to expand their range of academic contacts, and so forth, and we hope to deliver on those aspirations, we also recognize that the work of our project is not a trivial commitment of time and effort and that it should be remunerated, however inadequately. So, although we know that what we ask of our native speaker linguist consultants is worth more than what we pay, we do pay something, and in order for us to predictably manage our budget and provide some predictability for all involved, we have devised a schedule of fees and some rules to live by.

AQ - $400 for completion of first draft of AQR. $200 more for two or more follow-ups.
TAQ - $100 for completion of first draft. $100 for completion of follow-up.
SSBQ - $200 for completion of first draft. $100 more for two or more follow-ups
CCQ - $350 for completion of first draft. $200 more for two or more follow-ups
NCQ - $100 for completion of first draft. $100 for completion of follow-up.
DPPQ - $200 for completion of first draft. $100 more for two or more follow-ups.

Completion and credit: The directors of the project(s) you are a consultant for must contact Afranaph Central (the Afranaph Project staff) to confirm that a questionnaire has been completed and then you will then receive email from Afranaph Central stating what your credit amount is according to the payment schedule in effect at the time of completion.

Cash Payment: When what we owe you is $200 or more, we will pay you on demand with a balance transfer and the balance transfer fee will not be subtracted from your payment. If you would like payment on demand for less than $200 credit for work done, the balance transfer fee will be subtracted from the payment. We do this to discourage balance transfers on low amounts because it is uneconomical for all concerned, but for Afranaph especially. Consultants who accept any payment by balance transfer will have to fill out a (short) consultant agreement detailing the rights and obligations of paid consultants, which is required by the lawyers at our parent institution, Rutgers University. 

The Laptop Option: A consultant who completed work worth $500 or more can choose not to be compensated, but instead can qualify for the use of a laptop computer that we will provide as a tool that they can use in future work for us. We will buy the best one this amount will permit (after we cover the considerable costs required to have it shipped) from the supplier that our university gets a discount from. We promise, at least through 2015, that those who waive the $500 compensation will have the option to receive this research tool (delivery included) to help them in their work for us. Consultants interested in the laptop option can qualify by completing the AQ with follow-up, or some combination of completion of other questionnaires. The laptop option, however, requires that follow up be completed for at least one of the questionnaires. For example, if a consultant earns $200 for completing follow-up for the NCQ and $300 for completing the DPPQ, that is enough payment, if waived, to qualify as a researcher who chooses to accept the laptop as a research tool for further work with Afranaph (although further work, e.g., other questionnaire responses, will then qualify for cash payment). If you need clarification of this policy, please contact us directly. 

We hope to be able to make additional payments for the preparation of documents (e.g., grammar sketches) but we have not worked out a system for this yet. When you have completed a document for any one of the sister projects and your document is ready for posting, you will be asked to provide a consultant profile (if you have not decided for your participation to be anonymous) which will appear on the case file page for your language.

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