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AfranaphProject receives new 3-year grant

The NSF has awarded Ken Safir, as Principal Investigator, a three-year grant for his proposal entitled “Exploring boundary conditions on the theory of agreement through the comparative study of African languages”. The new grant begins September 1, 2018. See the Project Summary and the Project Description for NSF BCS-1829122 for details. The Project description includes a partial listing of the achievements of Afranaph over the last 15 years.

Afranaph Project forms Board of Directors

The Afranaph Project will now be governed by a Board of Directors to whom the Project Director will report.  The role of the Board will be to decide new directions for Afranaph research, funding and work flow and the Board will also be responsible for choosing the Project Director. Bylaws for governance of Afranaph are currently being drafted. 

The new Board has been appointed by current Project Director, Ken Safir, but future changes to the Board, including its size and composition, will be decided by the Board itself.  A short bio about the inaugural Board members can be found [here]

Planning begun for next Afranaph Project Development Workshop (APDW3)

Tentative plans are underway for APDW3 to take place at Georgetown University in the fall of 2019. Prof. Ruth Kramer will organize the event if our plans for funding go through. More when we know more.