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The Afranaph Project Development Workshop II will be held on December 12-14, 2013 at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick.

The Second Afranaph Project Development Workshop is supported by a grant from the National Science foundation, BCS-1256137 and the Afranaph Project as a whole is supported by NSF BCS-1324404.


About the Workshop

The Afranaph Project, http://www.africananaphora.rutgers.edu/ , which was founded in 2003 and was originally designed to explore empirical patterns of anaphoric phenomena in the languages of Africa, has expanded its empirical scope in the past two years to by launching five Afranaph Sister Projects, which are explorations into other domains of grammar in the languages of Africa. The purpose of this workshop is to encourage the development of new research that exploits and/or expands our data and our database, to consider proposals for new domains of research that suit our methodology and resources, and to bring together those who have worked on Sister Projects or on languages that Afranaph has elicited data for. The talks will report on the work of existing Sister Projects, will propose new Sister Projects, or will address research questions that arise in the investigation of languages currently in our case files (or that soon will be).

Although new funding has been secured for the next three years, we will also have a business meeting to discuss a framework for funding of the project over the long term and to consider how the project can be developed over the next several years to better serve the research community.

Our workshop welcomes the participation of linguistic theorists, linguists specializing in comparative African linguistics, and native speaker language consultants already working with our project (with the understanding that these are usually overlapping categories)..Besides those participating in the project and speaking at the workshop, the general; public is welcome to attend. There is no conference registration fee, although participants are asked to register for our records.


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