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About This Case File: The AQR for this file is not nearly as well glossed, nor is it as complete, as the database entries. The Anaphora Database glosses are up to our 2011 standards and the database entries are mostly marked for tone (which have been progressively added), whereas the AQR data is not marked for tone. An extensive Anaphora Sketch (Sikuku and Safir, 2011) is available for Lubukusu, the most ambitious one so far, at least in its descriptive range, its detail, and with respect to the annotations that link it to the database. Data from the Tense/ Aspect sister project can also be found for this language in the database.

  • Anaphora Questionnaire Response [pdf]
  • Lubukusu Anaphora Sketch [pdf]
  • DP Positions Questionnaire Response [pdf]
  • Tense Aspect Questionnaire Response [pdf ]