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New NSF Support for Afranaph

The US National Science Foundation has awarded the Afranaph Project another grant totaling $450,000 for the next three years to develop our resources and expand our sister projects. The new grant will support a graduate student research assistant in each of the next three years and a half year post-doc in year 2, which will be fall or spring of academic year 2014-2015. More information about the postdoctoral fellowship will be forthcoming in spring of 2014. The new money will also fund improvements to our database as well as support for our native speaker linguist consultants and those who enter and analyze the data here at Rutgers and elsewhere.

This money is independent from the grant we received for the Afranaph Project Development Workshop to take place this December. Last year at this time our grant was turned down and the project was in jeopardy, but we have stuck with it, and you have stuck with us, and together we have turned the tide. We at Rutgers would like to thank all of you whose participation in our project have made this possible. We look forward to working with all of you to justify the faith that NSF has placed in our common project.