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Data entry is almost complete. In the course of data entry, further questions have been compiled. These questions are in the process of being answered  and we expect to update the AQR with responses to these questions in the future. Data from the Tense/ Aspect sister project can also be found for this language in the database.

  • Anaphora Questionnaire Response [pdf]
  • Tense Aspect Questionnaire Response [pdf ]

Limbum Case File Consultant

Francis Wepngong Ndi is the director of MultiSpeech Consultancy Leiden, The Netherlands where he does translation and interpretation from French to English and English to French as well as linguistic analyses. He obtained a Research Masters (MPhil) in Semantics from Leiden University in August 2008 from the program Structure and Variation in the Languages of the World. Currently he is also incharge of developing Limbum - English Dictionary. His most recent papers include:  The Semantics of Limbum Verbs of Cutting 2008,  Pronominal and Adjectival Referencing in Limbum. Presented at the International, Conference on Bantu Languages, Göteborg University, 4th - 6th October 2007, The Choice of Body Parts in the Expression of Exclusive Subject and Reflexivity in Limbum. Presented at the 37th Call, Leiden University, 27th – 29th August 2007. His research interests include (a) Semantics, (b) Pragmatics, (c) Discourse Analysis and (d) Sociolinguistics.

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Address: Oude Singel 110, 2312 RE, Leiden, The Netherlands
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