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For optimal viewing of the Afranaph Database, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser.  Firefox provides the best support for websites containing international characters and font sets.

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If you use Chrome, please disable adblock plus (or any other adblock extensions) so as to display the site fully.

Throughout the Afranaph Website, we provide PDF downloads of our most critical documents.  Most notably, our Case Files have links to download Anaphora Questionnaire Responses, Grammar Sketches, and Anaphora Sketches in PDF documents.

Please click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Gentium is a typeface family designed to enable the diverse ethnic groups around the world who use the Latin and Greek scripts to produce readable, high-quality publications. It supports a wide range of Latin-based alphabets and includes glyphs that correspond to all the Latin ranges of Unicode.

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